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Tackling ocean pollution at an ancient Indonesian marina

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Written by Seabin Foundation

Chuo Senko Indonesia invested and installed two Seabins in Batavia Marina earlier this year in February 2021 as part of a proof of concept for their “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” project. Both Seabins get so full that two staff members go to the marina almost every day to empty them and collect their important data (although they take a break on weekends and holidays!).



When the team started out, they expected that the Seabins would make the marina much cleaner, but with ocean pollution being such a problem in Jakarta, both Seabins are filled every day with trash and green algae.



By collecting data about what the Seabins capture, the team aims to create social awareness about the seriousness of ocean pollution among Indonesian people and local companies.

The team are meticulous data collectors and provide detailed insightful reports, showing that at Batavia Marina, the Seabins mostly collect plastic bags that easily come apart, such as Indomie (Indofood), Aqua (Danone), Rinso (Unilever), and Nestle among others.

According to Kaito Ishikawa who is coordinating the project, collecting data provides evidence to show these companies how they are contributing to the problem of ocean pollution in Indonesia. Ultimately, the team at Batavia Marina hopes to make a difference by getting these companies involved in the Seabin Project as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Due to the water quality at the marina, the team also conducts regular maintenance on the Seabins to clean them, remove and protect them from barnacles and change the oil pads.



We thank Chuo Senko Indonesia for being incredible hosts for the Seabins, as well as dedicated data collectors and ocean stewards who think about ways to raise awareness beyond the marina where they work. They are exceptional heroes for the oceans, not giving up on an issue which at times can seem so big. Every action and every conversation truly matter!

How to get involved

There are over 1000 Seabins around the world, all contributing to the global Pollution index, so contact us here to find out where the closest Seabin location to you may be and how you can get involved on our mission for cleaner oceans.

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