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Seabin Foundation & Macquarie University Internship Students Join Forces for a Cleaner Future

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Written by Mai Quynh Trang (Stella) Nguyen

The fight against ocean plastics pollution has been fierce. It requires not only innovative technology but also a strong voice to spread awareness and inspire action. That is why Seabin Foundation has joined Macquarie University PACE Program to welcome internship students from bachelors and masters degrees, marking a significant step in empowering the next generation on environmental matters. This exciting collaboration offers a unique opportunity for students in the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science and Engineering to gain practical, hands-on experience in media and marketing through their internships at Seabin Foundation. This program primarily focuses on media and marketing, equipping students with necessary skills to address marine pollution and tell the powerful story of Seabin Foundation’s visions and mission to help protect our waterways.

Learning by Doing: Internship Experiences at Seabin Foundation

Seabin Foundation and Macquarie University internship is designed to be a mutually beneficial experience. During the program, students have the chance to:

  • Develop their media skills: Experience with content creative, social media management and media outreach for a real-world business;
  • Gain marketing experience: Contribute to researching, developing, and implementing impactful marketing tactics that raise awareness about ocean plastic pollution and what Seabin Foundation does.
  • Work with a passionate team: Collaborate and learn with experienced, dedicated professionals in the fields of ocean conservation at Seabin Foundation, gaining insights into the not-for-profit and environmental sector.
  • Obtain scientific understanding: Deep dive into the insights behind plastic pollution and the Seabin technology.

Meet the Seabin Foundation Interns

Throughout the internship program, students have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in meaningful projects and activities aimed at raising awareness about ocean pollution, promoting Seabin Foundation’s work, and advocating for marine conservation. Here are some insights and reflections shared by past interns.

  • Marion Magnenet, a Media and Communications international student from France, expressed her excitement while working with Seabin Foundation, stating, “I worked with Seabin Foundation for a few months, helping with the digital strategy review. I loved meeting the team and seeing people being so passionate about the ocean and dedicating their work to protect it. This internship allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. It made me realise that even if the situation regarding our environment and pollution can appear discouraging sometimes, it is never too late to choose to act and that it is possible to make a difference with the right solutions and the right people.”
  • Thi Tuyet Anh (Rachel) Nguyen, a Media and Marketing student, shared about her experience, expressing, “As a media intern at Seabin Foundation, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to contribute to meaningful initiatives aimed at marine conservation. Through creative storytelling and engaging content creation, I’ve helped raise awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans and innovative solutions to combat marine pollution. Working alongside passionate individuals like Mahi, Jen and Karli to make a sea of difference has been inspiring, and I’ve gained valuable insights into the complexities of environmental advocacy. This internship has reinforced my commitment to using media as a powerful tool for positive change as well as deepened my understanding of the urgent need to preserve our planet’s precious marine ecosystems.”
  • Alyanna Casal, a Marketing and Creative Industries student, highlighted the importance of this internship, saying, “Working at Seabin Foundation as a marketing intern gave me the opportunity to gain practical industry experience and work with a non-profit organisation that prioritises ocean health. The internship reinforced the lessons I learned in my degree, from design, social media marketing, to campaign planning. The launch of the Online Health Course was one of the highlights of my internship as I was able to see Seabin’s advocacy at work and interact with enthusiastic students with the passion to get involved with the cause. Not only was I able to practice industry-specific skills, but I also gained more knowledge on plastic pollution and Seabin Foundation’s initiatives in Australia. My internship at Seabin gave me the confidence I need in making the right choices in the next steps of my career.”
  • Mai Quynh Trang (Stella) Nguyen, a Media and Communications student, talked about her experience at Seabin Foundation, stating, “The internship at Seabin Foundation was the first real-world experience I had in Australia and I have gained a lot of valuable experience during the program. I was able to contribute to Seabin Foundation’s marketing plans and website development. It wasn’t just about marketing and website work alone (though I learned a lot from doing those tasks!). Witnessing young people’s passion for ocean health at the event held at the Australian National Maritime Museum was truly inspiring. Seeing their engagement confirmed Seabin Foundation’s missions and impact and made me feel part of something special. This was not just an internship – it was a chance to apply my skills, gain non-profit insights, and nurture my passion for environmental action. I cannot wait to take this experience back home and inspire my community!”
  • Myah Pantle-Bentham, a Biological Sciences bachelor student shared: ‘My time at the Seabin Foundation and in the Ocean Health Lab was incredibly positive and enriching. Through engaging with the team, I deepened my understanding of ocean health and the goals of Seabin Foundation. Throughout my placement, I had room to gain my confidence by leading tours of the Ocean Health Lab and participating in various educational events aimed at educating both primary and high school students about the importance of ocean health.’ 

These are just a few examples of individuals who have gained valuable experience and making a real contribution to Seabin Foundation’s mission. Their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm are a valuable asset to the organisation.

A Brighter Future for Our Oceans

The partnership between Seabin Foundation and Macquarie University is a great example of effective collaboration in tackling environmental challenges and nurturing the next generations on the matter. By providing students with practical opportunities and fostering collaboration between academia and industry, this joint effort aims to drive innovation and inspire people to work towards a more sustainable future for our planet.

Interested in joining the movement?

Seabin Foundation is always looking for passionate individuals to join our mission. If you are a student with a desire to make a difference, keep an eye out for future internship opportunities on the Macquarie University website or reach out to Seabin Foundation directly. Together, let’s ensure a future where our oceans are blooming with life, not plastic.

How to get involved

There are over 1000 Seabins around the world, all contributing to the global Pollution index, so contact us here to find out where the closest Seabin location to you may be and how you can get involved on our mission for cleaner oceans.

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