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STEM Lessons and Presentations

The STEM lesson is super fun, engaging and creative

The Seabin Foundation STEM lesson is for all ages

Seabin Foundation have now conducted several lessons with over 1000 school kids ranging from kindergarten and up and we are just as excited to be using the same lesson plan for adults, employees, entrepreneur and executives to bring out the creativity and lateral thinking we seem to lose as we get older.

Our STEM Program

The Seabin Foundation STEM lesson is for all ages. The lesson plan is lateral thought-based solutions with a steady focus on:

Reactive + Preventative Solutions

Both are needed to solve the ocean plastics crisis.This dual approach can also be applied to everyday problems for a more efficient problem-solving process.

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One hour lesson includes

  • Tick iconA context for removing and cleaning up ocean plastics
  • Tick iconA review of the Seabin Project’s beginning and evolution
  • Tick iconAn interactive and playful game to stimulate and challenge innovation thinking
  • Tick iconFun facts and stats sprinkled across the presentation
  • Tick iconQ&A

*The depth of content is adapted depending on the age group and initial awareness of the audience

We offer the following options

  • STEM Lesson at a school, office or venue
  • Excursion to visit the Seabin with data sorting
  • Webinar
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Our Other Programs

The Seabin Foundation offer projects focused on education, data collection, new tech community and scientific research.