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Citizen Science Program

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Written by Mahi Paquette

Are you a plastic waste warrior? Are you concerned about the rubbish in our oceans? We can help you take action and know you are making a real difference in the fight to keep our oceans cleaner. Our Citizen Science Program is run by passionate volunteers who know that every time they empty a Seabin they are contributing to a groundswell of data that will make a difference.

What does volunteering as part of the Citizen Science Program entail?

Seabin volunteers generally set out once a week to their local Seabin site to see what the unit has caught in the last 24hrs. We have tried to keep the process as simple as possible, while still collecting enough detailed and usable data. Our method was created through a collaborative effort between Seabin, researchers, and government to provide consistent, reliable, and most importantly digestible data that could be made easily available to invested stakeholders (everybody). The whole process of emptying the Seabin, cataloging rubbish, and filing the datasheet generally takes one volunteer between 30 minutes to one hour (depending on the size of the catch) and can be replicated at any site around the world.

Along with their passion for cleaner oceans, our volunteers pack a set of scales, gloves,  tarp, and a bucket, as well as a smartphone/tablet to collect data via the Pollution Index mobile app. The app guides our volunteers through the data collection process and allows them to upload valuable data in a reliable and consistent manner. The data will then be freely available to analyse on the Pollution Index™ dashboard allowing volunteers to see how their unit, waterway, or city compares with others around the world.

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How to get involved

There are over 1000 Seabins around the world, all contributing to the global Pollution index, so contact us here to find out where the closest Seabin location to you may be and how you can get involved on our mission for cleaner oceans.

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