To improve the health of waterways, the ocean and everyone, with every Seabin catch.


Seabin Foundation is committed to working with communities and with the data and science associated with Seabin Smart Technology to address the problem of ocean pollution, more specifically of plastics in the ocean.

Seabin Foundation operates with four key pillars


Data collection, reporting, citizen science and Pollution Index™


Science, weather patterns, microplastics and Ocean Health Lab


Visibility, positive community engagement and education for all ages


Science, weather patterns and understanding ecosystem health

Removing litter upstream from waterways through Seabins is one side of the solution. The Seabin Foundation’s mission is to close the loop by focussing on prevention through education, community engagement and scientific understanding of the data to work efficiently with local government authorities, industries and citizens.

Our Team

Jen Kyna

Director & Head of Sustainable Education Programs

Jen’s passion is helping society find sustainable ways of being in flow with the surrounding environment and communities. Jen has decades of experience finding innovative waste, energy and emission reduction solutions for some of Australia’s biggest brands and festivals. Founder of Australian and African-based charity Kindling and a board member of Seabin Foundation provides her with expertise in working in the community, social enterprise and impact projects.

Mahi Paquette

Mahi Paquette

Executive Environmental Manager & Director

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the ocean and water in general. First, it was snow, rivers and lakes, but quickly, the oceans became a driving force. For me, looking at the ocean is a reminder of what it means to love unconditionally. It’s expansive, wide open, ever changing, adaptive and incredibly beautiful. Water gives me life. This alone makes me want to care for it in a devoted way.

My work with the Seabin Foundation fulfils this passion. It is about getting myself and others excited to cleanup pollution, but even more so, it is about finding solutions to stop pollution.

The Sydney City Pilot has been an exciting, bold adventure, and a great learning journey. It has al- lowed the Seabin Foundation to understand how best to coordinate and support a growing number of dedicated volunteers, improve our data protocols, manage consistent data entries, and report on key findings. There is a world of opportunities that has now opened up from the knowledge we gained. Thank you, Sydney community, for showing us how much can be achieved when we stand up together for what we love!

Alongside a Seabin dream team, I will continue to act for litter prevention with a focus on major cities, through a joint effort between Seabin tech, people and institutions. Cities often face similar challenges when it comes to polluting waterways.

I whole-heartedly dream of connecting communities around the world through our campaign, implementing the successes of one to another, and accelerating positive change for a healthier planet for all. Simply because water is one of the most beautiful elements that unites us.

Karli Mylius

Karli Mylius

Head of Ocean Health Lab & Litter Prevention Research

I have always adored nature and animals and felt drawn to learning about the intricacies and beauty of it through my adult life. For me, the ocean is wild and mysterious, yet calming and enchanting. It provides the oxygen we breathe, and wellbeing for millions of people around the world. The confronting exposure of plastic pollution in the environment, especially the ocean, created motivation to try and understand this issue on a deeper level. This motivated me to complete a bachelor of science (zoology) and more recently a Masters in Marine and Antarctic Science at University of Tasmania with a research thesis on the analysis of microplastics in Tasmanian resident shorebirds.

Joining the Seabin Foundation has fulfilled a lifelong dream to dedicate my time toward something I truly care about; surrounded by an incredible community with shared values, and where individuality is honoured.

My mission at Seabin is to help implement simple yet effective scientific analysis for the Sydney City Program and provide honest and transparent data for mitigation and management strategies of plastic pollution.

Marcela Meyer

Ocean Health Lab Campaign Coordinator

From Co-founder & Director Pete Ceglinski

Ocean plastics are an everybody’s problem and it’s going to take all of us to help clean it up. Trash is not rocket science, but it is a complex issue. Seabin Project are now amongst the world's largest technical clean ups with units in over 53 countries. Seabins filter 600 million litres of water and remove over 4 tonnes of marine litter from our waterways and oceans every day.

Pete Ceglinski
Pete Ceglinski

It needs to be acknowledged though, that the problem will never be fixed by technology alone. Data driven behavioural change and better education is what’s going to turn off the tap and save our oceans, and while we work on this, we can start cleaning it up.

Thanks to everyone supporting us.
Seabin catching Seabin catching

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